Screwdriving operations are widely used in assembly. In high-volume production, the fastening processes are commonly automated using jigs, fixtures, and semi-automated tools. This form of automation delivers reliable assembly results at the expense of flexibility and requires component variability to be adequately controlled. On the other hand, in low-volume, high-value manufacturing, fastening processes are typically carried out manually by skilled workers. But, manual screwdriving is a dull and repetitive task that often leads to fastening inconsistencies and stress injuries.

Lots of manufacturers want to automate this application, but can't find a solution that works for today's manufacturing reality: one where products are constantly evolving and manufactured in small, high-mix batches. Robotiq now offers a solution that gets the work done right. In simple small-screw assemblies it enables 5-minute changeovers, so manufacturers can produce multiple products per assembly line.