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Get started with any of Minitab's products or learn more about statistical and process improvement concepts. Whether you are new to Minitab products or are an experienced user, explore this area to find the help you need.

Get started using Minitab® and learn about underlying statistical concepts.

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Find answers to frequently-asked questions and troubleshooting issues.

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Get help using the statistical tools in Minitab Express for Mac and PC.

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Get started and learn how to create and run process improvement projects.

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Get started using SPM for data mining and predictive analytics.

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Use this free resource to learn how to navigate Minitab Statistical Software's interface and quickly start analyzing your data.

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Access the latest downloads and videos, or register to attend free webinars. Find the answers to your questions about software use, statistics, quality improvement, and more.


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Use this free resource to learn how to navigate Minitab Statistical Software's interface and quickly start analyzing your data.
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 Data Sets

Browse more than 100 data sets for Minitab 19 and Minitab Express and find the ideal worksheet to practice various analyses.
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Find a host of information about our software, including guides on how to install, deploy, and use it.
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Access files to install our software, in addition to Minitab language packs and tools to supplement Companion.
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Learn more about how to get started using our software, key features, and more.
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Learn about our latest software updates and how to install them.
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